9 Fonctions incroyables des coquilles d'oeufs !

9 Amazing Eggshell Functions!

Eggs, what a delight! In the morning, at lunch, we love it mirrors, scrambled, Mexican style (onion, jalapeño and tomato), Spanish tortilla, rooster, omelet, poached...

Huevos a la Mexicana
What to do with all those shells that fill our trash cans?
Here are 9 ways to use eggshells that will enrich your daily life, replace some synthetic products and waste less!
1. Homemade cleaner: By grinding the shells of dried eggs, mixing them with a little water and soap, you will obtain a natural and effective abrasive for cleaning pots, plates and even floors and counters!
2. Natural wound dressing: The eggshell membrane (transparent film) helps heal cuts or scrapes naturally. Next time if you injure yourself, apply the membrane to the injury and let it work!
3. Make seedlings: In an intact half shell, drill a hole to let the water pass. Put soil in the shell and then drop the seeds. It is an ideal support full of nutrients for plants before moving them to the garden!

4. Chase slugs and other crawling insects from the garden: Crush eggshells and scatter them around the base of your plants. They will thus form a natural barrier against these insects!
5. Enrich the compost: Eggshells are very rich in minerals. Adding them to your compost will enrich it and reduce its acidity!
6. Make the dishes shine: By grinding the shells of dried eggs and mixing the powder obtained with white vinegar, you can remove any encrusted stains from the dishes by cleaning them!
7. Nourishing face mask: Pulverize the powdered eggshells and mix it with egg white. Apply this mixture on your face. Let it dry, then cleanse your face.
8. Eat them as a source of calcium: Eggshells are an important source of calcium. Reduce them to powder and add them in small portions to your dishes. The flavor will remain the same, but you will strengthen your bones!
9. Whiten your clothes: To keep your clothes white, put clean eggshells in a small cloth bag with a slice of lemon to add to your load. Then wash your clothes normally. They will stay brighter!

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