4 Recettes Mexicaines

4 Mexican Recipes

As many know, U MAIN was founded in Montreal by a "Mexican" couple: Max is Mexican and Pascale is Quebecer!

It's us !

September 15 being an important day for Mexico, celebrating the independence of this wonderful country, we share with you our delicious recipes "a la mexicana":

Our 4 Mexican recipes:

1. Frijoles refried with queso blanco

This recipe for creamy refried beans, sprinkled with cheese is to be eaten... every day! Here, it is essential.

2. Guacamole and Queso Blanco

This guacamole recipe comes from Max's mom, Lupita. It's a staple at every family meal. His family coming from the region producing the most avocados in the world...they are experts in the matter. Feel free to prepare this delicious guacamole, with or without cheese!

3. 6 tips for a successful Mexican barbecue (carne asada)

Here, you have all the information you need, from A to Z, to make a bbq worthy of a Mexican and impress your guests' taste buds with our sides, hot sauces, marinades, etc.

4. Mexican Quesadillas

This delicious and easy-to-concoct recipe is ideal to prepare for a meal on the go. She will comfort you!

And above all, never forget to eat your tacos with...

(Otherwise, it's sacrilege!)
Hoping that these few recipes will inspire you to cook the delicious unique flavors of Mexico!

Happy festivities and discoveries to all: Feliz día de independencia!

U MAIN , much more than kits to make homemade cheese .