Est-ce éco-responsable de fabriquer son propre fromage ou fauxmage ?

Is it eco-responsible to make your own cheese or fauxmage?

Does making your own cheese or fauxmage have a positive impact on the planet?
We believe so, here are some reasons:

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1 - Generate less disposable packaging

Every cheese bought at the grocery store is wrapped in disposable plastic. However, when you make your own cheese at home, you do not generate this waste.
However, you will need to use milk for the making, but there are several eco-friendly options available to you:
- Buy milk in recyclable cardboard boxes;
- Buy milk in returnable glass bottles;
- Buy milk in a zero waste grocery store where there are vending machines. You will be able to reuse your glass containers at each visit.

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As for fauxmages, you can buy almonds, raw cashews or sunflower seeds in bulk with your reusable containers.
Choose a soy or pea beverage in reusable containers or make your own soy beverage.
To store your cheeses or cheeses, all you have to do is use reusable packaging (closed dish, jar, reusable beeswax or soy wrap).

Our kits also contain packaging, but these are recyclable, biodegradable or reusable.

We also try to reduce them as much as possible. Each kit allows you to make a LOT of cheese.

For example, our 4 cheese kit allows you to make 32 cheeses of 500g and the kit contains 4 sachets of recyclable ingredients. We think it's still better than 32 disposable packages.

We are also gradually moving towards biodegradable packaging. We have already made this change to some of the ingredients in our 3 cheese vegan kit .

2 - Less food waste

When you make your own cheese it helps you understand how much milk to use to get 500g, helping you to value that food more and the resources needed to get it on your plate.
In addition, the simple fact of having made a food with your own hands gives extraordinary satisfaction, which is why it will often be consumed quickly, avoiding finding an old piece of cheese in the bottom of the fridge.

On the other hand, the whey (lactoserum), liquid obtained during the manufacture of cheese full of proteins, can be used in many ways. That's why we encourage you to use it rather than throw it away. You get one more food!
For some suggestions for using whey, it's here .
And you, how do you reduce your environmental impact?

It means much more to do it yourself.