Notre opinion sur le nouveau guide alimentaire canadien

Our opinion on Canada's new food guide

In the past few days, the media have talked a lot about Canada's new food guide and with good reason. It contains significant changes to its predecessor.

old food guide

Canada's Old Food Guide

Being on the lookout for new trends, the new guide seems to be aligned with the expertise of nutritionists, but also growing social food movements such as vegetarianism and veganism.
Indeed, the proteins put forward, contrary to the old food guide, are of both plant and animal origin. As we now know, eating plant-based foods has a positive impact on our environment.
This new food guide reflects an inclusion of the concept of sustainable development where we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.
Not only are plant-based products promoted, but the plate presented in the food guide does not show any packaging, unlike the previous one.

Canada's new food guide

Our team welcomes the fact that the concept of cooking more often is clearly integrated into the guide.
For years, we have believed that cooking allows us to maintain a healthier relationship with our food, a close relationship.
It also allows us to know exactly what our food contains, the resources needed to make it, where it comes from, to eliminate preservatives, to reduce the sodium and sugar that are so present in industrialized foods.

Canada's new food guide

Sharing meals and savoring food are also put forward. We believe these concepts go hand in hand with that of cooking and are essential to a healthy life balance.

The new food guide has taken a holistic view, where human beings are considered as a whole, in their ecosystem. "Eat Well. Live Well. Healthy eating is about more than the food you eat."
Food is no longer solely linked to a function of nutrition, if not also to the well-being of the person by integrating their human relations and their full food awareness.
What will have been the contribution of the internet and social media to these changes? The improvements to the food guide go hand-in-hand with ideas that alternative news sources have been pushing for years and are in line with the values ​​of emerging small businesses (like ours and many others) that undertake with a real mission.

We believe that they have helped to generate a real conversation between experts, activists, the general population on these subjects rather than a monologue coming only from big industries.

Our mission as a company is to re-humanize our relationship to food. If the consumption of products like cheese can be done more fully because it has been made with your own hands, thus allowing you to value it more and for it to be consumed with pleasure and shared with your loved ones, then we are delighted.

For those who don't consume any dairy products, our cheese making kits are a great alternative source of protein.
Will your diet change soon, or are you a trendsetter whose diet has aligned with these ideas for a long time?
What do you think ? We want to know your opinion!

It means much more to do it yourself.