Recette de Bagel au Queso Blanco et au Saumon Fumé

Queso Blanco and Smoked Salmon Bagel Recipe

Here is a very simple recipe.
It is ideal for a weekday lunch or a weekend brunch.
Here, we replace the traditional recipe with cream cheese with homemade queso blanco cheese. The result is just as tasty.
Feel free to add fresh herbs or freshly ground pepper to your queso blanco when making it , your bagel will be even more exquisite!

Ingredients for 1 bagel:

The base :

- 1 bagel (as fresh as possible, we love local Montreal bagels)
- 2 tbsp. queso blanco
- a few slices of smoked salmon
- red onion rings

Toppings of your choice:

- capers
- a little fresh dill
- slices of avocado
- thin slices of tomatoes
- a handful of arugula
- chipotle pepper


- Slice your bagel in 2 crosswise and lightly toast it so that it is lukewarm
- Spread on each bagel half 1 tbsp. queso blanco
- Add the smoked salmon slices, the red onion rings and the toppings of your choice.
- Taste!

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