Ricotta maison : 5 recettes !

Homemade ricotta: 5 recipes!

Homemade ricotta is a very creamy and tasty cheese!
Versatile, it only takes 30 minutes to make and fits into many of our favorite recipes. We offer cheese making kits allowing, among other things, its manufacture. Once it is made, here are some suggestions for use.

Here are 5 recipes to use up your delicious homemade ricotta:

1 - Taste the homemade ricotta as it is, spread on a good fresh sourdough bread, with fresh herbs or with a little honey. For some additional ideas, click here !

2 - Use your ricotta for a decadent lasagna! Here is a simple and delicious recipe. Click here for the recipe!
3 - Cooking ravioli will enhance your homemade ricotta. Embark on this culinary adventure by letting yourself be tempted by this gourmet animated recipe. Go here for the recipe!

4 - Let yourself be tempted by these well-filled ricotta and smoked salmon puff pastries. Go here for the instructions!
5 - The crème de la crème, this ricotta tiramisu is a marvel to enjoy for dessert! Go here for the explanations!

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