Tiramisu à la ricotta

Ricotta tiramisu

Did you just make homemade ricotta with your U MAIN kit? Discover a tasty ricotta tiramisu recipe!

Do you know this delicious dessert from the heart of Italy?

The origins of this cake date back to the Renaissance in Venice, where it was consumed for its subtle aromas of cocoa and coffee, while it was given aphrodisiac properties! Its appearance in its modern form dates back to the 16th century in Tuscany when the Italian Duke Cosimo III de Medici, on a trip to Siena, discovered tiramisu. He then brought the recipe back to the court of Florence, where it became very popular, before spreading throughout Italy!

This cake, traditionally made with coffee, cocoa, mascarpone and ladyfingers, now has many variations.

Here is a version of Tiramisu, terribly tasty and light, where ricotta replaces mascarpone and brings an ounce of lightness.


- 20 ladyfingers
- Cream cheese: 200g
- Homemade ricotta cheese: 200g (a little less than half of your production with 4L of milk)
- Sugar: 60 g (or 1/3 cup)
- A cup of coffee
- A tablespoon of cocoa without powdered sugar
- 4 egg whites


In a large bowl, pour the coffee and add the sugar. To mix together.

In another container, mix the ricotta and cream cheese until you get a homogeneous and smooth texture.

Whisk the egg whites, then gently fold them into the cream cheese and ricotta mixture.

Dip all of the ladyfingers in the sweetened coffee and soak them generously.

Place half of the cookies in a serving dish, covering the bottom of the dish.

Cover with half of the cheese mixture.

Place the rest of the biscuits on the preparation as in the previous step, then repeat the operation, covering with the rest of the cheese and egg white preparation.

Sprinkle with unsweetened cocoa.

Chill for at least two hours in the refrigerator. Taste ;)

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