Trempettes à base de yogourt grec : 5 recettes

Greek yogurt dips: 5 recipes

It is sunny and summer is slowly setting in.
This is the perfect time to eat fresh, seasonal foods.
To go well with your raw vegetable platters, to enjoy at a picnic or on your terrace, we have selected 5 easy-to-assemble Greek yogurt-based dip recipes.
Made with homemade Greek yogurt , these recipes will be even tastier.

photo of a greek yogurt dip

1. Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip :

Light, sweet and tangy, this dip will be the perfect accompaniment to your vegan cauliflower wings.
Recipe and photo by Noovo Moi.

2. Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip :

This dip is a little different from a guacamole, but it's just as creamy and flavorful.
Recipe and photo by Mordu from Radio-Canada

3. Mint Tzatziki Dip :

As an accompaniment to your raw vegetables or pitas, this mint tzatziki is fresh and juicy.
Recipe and photo by the knockout

4. Greek yogurt and feta dip :

Highlighting your delicious feta cheese and homemade Greek yogurt , this spinach dip will delight your loved ones.
Recipe and photo by Ricardo Cuisine

5. Curry Greek Yogurt Dip :

Warmer and richer, this dip will surprise your taste buds.
Recipe and photo by Josée Di Stasio.