Additional help to make homemade cheese curds

The homemade cheese curds, a real treat! That said, its manufacture requires time (5h) and precision.

Taken from the tips we share on our social media , here are some additional tips for you to get a cheese curd that is perfectly "squick squick" in your mouth.
With our cheese curd and halloumi making kit and these tips, you will be ready to start preparing this delicious Quebec cheese.

1. The choice of milk

The much appreciated texture of cheese curds comes in part from the milk used and its percentage of fat. Indeed, we recommend that you use milk with a minimum of 3.25% fat. It is also possible to use milk with 3.8% or even 5%.

2. Rennet

Rennet is temperature sensitive. Make sure it is at room temperature before diluting it in chlorine-free water. This water should also be at room temperature. This will allow your rennet to be fully active and to do its job in the milk!

3. Rest time

This waiting time is necessary so that the bacterial cultures and rennet have time to develop and take effect in your milk.

4. Extinguish the fire

For a moist, squishy cheese curd, temperature control is important. Overheating will result in the production of a dry cheese curd. To retain heat during rest periods, cover your cauldron and turn off the heat. Unless otherwise specified in the recipe, it is not necessary to check the temperature during standing times.

5. Respect the indicated temperatures

Temperature has a significant impact on the moisture of cheese curds. If you exceed the temperatures indicated in the recipe, your cheese will be drier and will make less "squick" under the tooth. So, manage the power of your round carefully. Also, measure the temperature of the whey, not the curd.

6. The size of the curd

This advice is very important: do not cut your curd too small in steps 6 and 7 of our recipe. The more you cut it, the sooner it will release whey and the drier the result will be. So, go with a more generous cut.


Combining these tips with our cheese curds and halloumi kit gives you all the tools you need to successfully make your delicious cheese curds and the best homemade poutine, from A to Z.

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