Why make cheese at home?

As simple as that:

How To Make Cheese U MAIN Infographic Vegan Cheesecake Kits

      • It is delicious. The taste of homemade fresh cheese with the milk of your choice is incomparable. In addition, you can make lots of variations by adding spices, herbs...

      • This is an extraordinary skill. It's like working magic in your own kitchen!

      • It feels good to prepare and eat fresh, handmade food. There's just something special.

      • It's health. Your cheese will not contain any added substances associated with increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

      • It's easy. The equipment and all the ingredients needed to make it are included, except for the milk and some utensils that you will find in your kitchen.

      • It is less expensive. It costs you half the price of fresh mozzarella from the supermarket.

Imagine the effect at the table when you bring it : "I made it".

Video recipe for making homemade ricotta cheese

Making your own ricotta is very easy using U MAIN kits. That's why it's recommended even for children with just a little supervision. Mozzarella, halloumi and cheese curds require a little more precision in their manufacture.

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