Comparaison Prix du fromage Maison VS Industriel

Is it cheaper to make homemade cheese?

In a period where the price of food continues to skyrocket, we lent ourselves to the exercise of calculating the difference of:

Here, it is important to take into consideration that we are not comparing apples with apples because the quality of the cheese you make at home is far better than any industrial cheese bought in the supermarket.

A brick of mozzarella cheese, doesn't really compare with freshly made mozzarella balls. Indeed, there is nothing fresher and tastier than a cheese that has just been made at home. In addition, you know all the components of cheese.
On the other hand, by learning how to make your cheeses, you unlock a new level of culinary knowledge. Imagine the pride and effect at the table when you bring it and say, "I made it!"

Steps :

This exercise was carried out with milk and cheese prices in Quebec in September 2022.
For the cost of homemade cheese and yogurt, we divided the total price (taxes included) by the number of production possible with our kits:
- De Luxe - 6 Cheeses (52 cheeses of 550g) and
- Feta and Greek yogurt (12 cheeses of 550g and 24 yogurts of 500g - we recommend using your homemade yogurt as a mother culture to continue manufacturing)

We then added the cost of the milk bought in the supermarket to make 550g of cheese and 500g of yogurt.
From there, we made a rule of three in order to get the price per 100g.
We then compared it with the price/100g of cheeses in grocery stores (at Maxi, Metro, Iga, etc.).
We were then able to establish the percentage of savings for each cheese and yogurt.

Results :

Here are the savings made when making cheese at home compared to the lowest and highest prices of those same cheeses found at the grocery store.

In general, it is therefore much more economical to make your cheese at home with savings ranging from 2% to 78% and on average, savings of 38 to 61%.
Only the ricotta is missing. Indeed, the cost of homemade ricotta is 4 to 41% more expensive than that offered in the supermarket, for an average higher cost of 23%. That said, homemade ricotta and industrial ricotta do not have the same taste and texture at all.
This is because industrial ricotta is often made with skim milk powder, which is why it has a blander taste and grainier texture. This also explains its lower price.
We have not taken into account in this exercise the paneer and queso blanco cheeses which are included in our Kit De Luxe - 6 Cheeses because they are quite difficult to find in supermarkets in Quebec.

So, by making your delicious artisan cheeses at home, not only are you creating magic in your kitchen as well as making people happy when you share your creations, but you are also saving anywhere from 38-61% of the price of cheese purchased in supermarket.

How to save more:

The savings increase when you have used all of your cheese making kit and are only buying the ingredients to continue your crafting. Indeed, the price of the ingredients is lower than the price of a complete kit including the instruments. To stock up on ingredients only, click here .

Conclusion :

While making cheese at home can save you money, we hope you'll embrace learning it to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a delicious new culinary experience like thousands of people across Canada.

Good cheeses!

U MAIN, much more than kits to make cheese at home .

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